about our wine


always on the rocks

Rosé Piscine is the original, still French rosé specifically made to drink over ice.  Right on the bottle we say ABSOLUMENT AVEC DES GLAÇONS in French and ALWAYS ON THE ROCKS in English.  Having a Piscine de Rosé or simply Une Piscine is incredibly popular throughout France in the Summer and is a particularly hot trend in the South of France today.  There is no need to pre-chill the bottle, which makes the logistics behind our ice-cold rosé decidedly easy...simply serve over ice in a large wine glass or cognac snifter.

tasting notes

Color: Pale salmon, light to medium body.

On the bouquet: Meyer lemon, skin of peach, vanilla, kiwi, Macintosh apple. Mineral quality to the bouquet.

On the palate: Rounded. Well balanced tannin and acidity. Long finish. 

Enjoy the supple, lush fruit of Rosé Piscine and the balance of its crisp acidity. It is THE perfect rosé for summertime. 

region and varietals

Rosé Piscine is made with an indigenous varietal of South West France: Négrette.  The Négrette grape is a small, very dark and tough-skinned grape known for its powerful aromatic qualities.  Our fruit is sourced in Côtes du Frontonnais, which is located just southwest of Gaillac and just north of the city of Toulouse, on the western bank of the Tarn river. Rosé Piscine is one of very few French rosés made with the Négrette grape, mainly due to the limited geographic availability of this unique varietal.

Wine Enthusiast awarded our region the Wine Region of the Year 2017 award, which has created new interest in our region and its unique wines.


Our winemakers target a unique aromatic, acidity and flavor profile with Rosé Piscine to balance out perfectly over ice.  For more details on our wine, including technical details, we have prepared the following tech sheet.