blake helppie

Blake Helppie has a diverse and entrepreneurial background.  Blake started his career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, but left the finance world in 2006 to start a number of businesses.  Today, Blake is the managing partner of Altitude Capital Trading, dba Rosé Piscine USA, where he oversees sales, marketing, distribution, importation and logistics for the Rosé Piscine brand in the US market.

From 2007 until 2012 Blake was the Chief Executive Officer of JobApp (now TalentReef) and oversaw the explosive growth of the company from zero customers and revenue to the global market leader in hourly workforce management software.  This business was acquired by Frontier Capital in 2012.

From 2006 until 2012, Blake also oversaw the Brazilian oil & gas shipping company he started in 2006, Dundee Shipping.  This business was acquired by its largest client, GeoRadar / RXT, in 2012.

Blake’s involvement in the wine industry began in 2009 when he started Altitude Capital Trading to acquire high-end, privately cellared collections of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines for export to Brazil. Blake then became a partner in the third largest wine distributor in Brazil and launched the Rosé Piscine brand in Brazil in late 2014.  Today, Rosé Piscine is the market leading rosé by dollar volume in Brazil, making Brazil the second largest market outside of the brand’s home market of France (where over 2 million bottles of Rosé Piscine are sold each year).

Blake is a Portuguese and US citizen and speaks fluent German, Portuguese and English. Blake completed his undergraduate studies at Georgetown University and also completed coursework at the University of Vienna and Trinity College at the University of Oxford.